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AOI detector equipment CCD camera know how much

The most important part of AOI detector is CCD camera, which determines the clarity and accuracy of AOI equipment scanning and imaging, which is the basis of the equipment. If there is no clear and accurate scanning and imaging, AOI analysis software will be powerless for AOI detection. Therefore, in the purchase of AOI equipment, we first need to understand the CCD camera. So, what are the important parameters of CCD camera?

At present, Sony is the most professional CCD camera in China, but its price is high. If the requirements for PCB detection are not high, or the minimum components required to be tested reach 0402, it is recommended to communicate with AOI testing equipment manufacturer to replace domestic cameras;

Pixels, pixels should be considered to adapt to the detection elements. Of course, long-term consideration should also be taken. If more sophisticated PCB components need to be detected later, it is recommended to configure the corresponding CCD camera. Generally, the AOI detection equipment is equipped with 2 million, 3 million and 5 million CCD industrial cameras. The minimum 0201 components can be detected by 2 million pixels, but it is a little awkward. Therefore, the minimum 01005 components can be detected by 5 million pixels with 3 million pixels. With this suggestion, we can clearly choose the pixel camera we want;

Production time, why should we refer to the production time? As an industrial camera, CCD camera has its environmental protection service life. Take Sony as an example, its environmental protection service life is up to 10 years, which is equivalent to a fresh-keeping period. Of course, this data is based on the service life, but if the production date is relatively long, the technology stays in the year of production, relatively speaking, the technology is slightly backward and can not enjoy the current technology achievements;

Certification, although most of the time, CE certification is just a mark, but it also plays a supervisory role. If the CE certification mark is used without CE certification, it will be punished. Few famous brands touch this kind of red money and cause unnecessary losses.

CCD industrial camera can be regarded as the core component of AOI detection equipment, and it is a data input function. It can provide abundant detection data for AOI equipment analysis software, and is an essential part of AOI equipment. (written by Shenzhen Yier)

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