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Why is AOI inspection equipment an indispensable equipment for SMT chip processing manufacturers?

Why is AOI inspection equipment an indispensable equipment for SMT chip processing manufacturers? E2 AOI Equipment Co., Ltd. tells you that equipment is the most basic guarantee. A good SMT patch AOI equipment can effectively improve production efficiency, and more importantly, ensure the quality of your PCB circuit boards. Today I will explain how AOI testing equipment is right. The importance of SMT patch processing:

The function of the AOI inspection equipment is: during automatic inspection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, after image processing, checks out the defects on the PCB, and passes the display or Automatic signs display/mark defects for SMT process engineers to improve and SMT maintenance personnel to repair.

AOI equipment includes:

1. Classified by structure: simple manual offline AOI equipment, offline AOI equipment, online AOI equipment, etc.;

2. Classified by resolution: 0402 component AOI equipment, 0201 component AOI equipment

3. Classified by camera: single camera, dual camera, multiple cameras, etc.

Types of errors that AOI equipment can detect:

1. After brushing tin before patching: bridge-shift-Wuxi-insufficient tin

2. Before reflow after patching: displacement, leakage, polarity, skew, bent feet, wrong parts
3. After reflow soldering or wave soldering: less tin/more tin, and no tin short-circuit tin ball leakage-polarity-wrong part of the shifted foot

4. Bare board inspection in PCB industry

Benefits of improving the efficiency of offline aoi equipment

1. Saving expenses and saving costs is the main capital throttling project for improving the efficiency of offline aoi, and the efficiency is improved. The demand for online aoi equipment is reduced. There is no need to spend large sums of money to purchase more expensive online aoi detectors, because offline aoi has already met the production needs.

2. Improving production efficiency is a direct beneficial factor in factory management after the offline aoi efficiency is improved. As the efficiency increases, there will naturally be more batches of products produced.

3. Shortening the delivery time and improving the competitiveness of products are the direct performance of the efficiency of aoi equipment in the market. As a professional Shenzhen aoi equipment supplier, this is a deep experience. The smt factory makes more money. Strengthen the purchase of new equipment to ensure product quality. 

Online AOI testing equipment

1. High degree of automation

a. The production and inspection are completed simultaneously, and the efficiency compared with offline aoi reduces the product inspection turnaround time.

b. Reduce the participation of personnel, from the pcb entering the SMT production line to the full mechanized operation from the PCB out, avoiding manual, manual or semi-automatic low production efficiency work methods.

c. From raw materials to inspection, the fully automatic flow production process conforms to the Chinese concept of one step.

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