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AOI detector reduces SMT enterprise human cost

Usually, in our production process, we all pursue low-cost, in the competitive economic activities, at the cost of low-cost value creation. The price, it turns out, is long-term corporate sacrifice. The pursuit of low-cost is not impossible, but the concept of misunderstanding, so there are errors in guidance. Low cost must not sacrifice product quality, we know that the largest enterprise costs are human. Enterprise scale can not be considered as the traditional large-scale enterprises, refinement, mechanization, intelligence has become an unstoppable direction of enterprise development. If machines could replace all human labor, we would need only a small number of workers to function properly, even more efficient than the artificial era, and higher quality. SMT industry is mechanized earlier, and more perfect, but some SMT enterprises for the so-called cost did not purchase AOI detector, this cost theory obviously does not work, manual detection not only can not observe small micro-components, and it can damage the eyes of employees. The AOI detector can magnify the components dozens of times for comparison, and automatically mark the problem process, easy to identify and judge, fast, efficient and accurate, is the world's most common SMT industry testing principle. The off-line AOI detector can assist QC to carry out random inspection, while the on-line AOI detector can assist QC personnel to carry out automatic full inspection on the assembly line, and improve the efficiency and quality. In large and medium-sized SMT Enterprises, AOI detector has become an indispensable visual detector in PCB printing workshop. And most of the electronic manufacturers of SMT Enterprises are also equipped with AOI detector requirements, otherwise the electronic manufacturers of SMT manufacturers of product quality can not pass the psychological clearance.

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