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The characteristics and advantages of AOI detector

First of all, as we all know, AOI is automatic optical inspection, so the detector can automatically scan the PCB through the camera, collect images, and compare the solder joints tested with the qualified parameters in the database, after image processing, defects on PCB are detected and displayed/marked by display or automatic marking. Modern industrial manufacturing is the age of automation, there is no doubt that AOI detector is also a part of automation. So what are its specific characteristics, advantages? Why do people choose it instead of manual operation? And see below: 1) high-speed Detection System and PCB board Mount Density Independent 2) fast and convenient programming system, graphic interface, using the mount data automatic data detection, using the component database for detection data fast editing 3) using a wealth of specialized multi-functional detection algorithm and binary or gray level optical imaging processing technology for detection 4) according to the detection of the instantaneous changes in the location of the detected components to automatically correct the detection window, to achieve high-precision detection 5) by using ink directly marked on the PCB board or in the operation of the display with graphic errors to check the detection of electricity, when the production problem is very clear, product mixing high, quantity and speed as the key factors, AOI detection is preferred. Aoi are usually placed at the end of the production line. At this location, the device can produce a wide range of process control information.

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