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Australian IC customers visit billion AOI testing equipment

On June 28,2015, Australian integrated circuit manufacturer Max and his company visited the assembly plant of Yier and debugged and operated the AOI testing equipment. Max on the billion AOI testing equipment accuracy, ease of use, and custom-made automatic precision testing AOI equipment to discuss negotiations, the initial signing of a letter of intent to cooperate. Max's company, Dorothy Integrated Electronics, is a mid-sized Australian company that is planning to expand. With an expected workforce of around 3,000 upon completion of the expansion, the need for quality and efficiency in quality inspection has led Max to continuously seek more effective solutions. After receiving the proposal from yier, Max quickly organized a group of colleagues to visit the assembly plant. On the one hand is the ability to make judgments, on the other hand, AOI testing equipment for quality, accuracy, efficiency evaluation. In order to adapt to the multi-channel automatic inspection plan and integrate the AOI inspection equipment into the intelligent PCB assembly equipment queue, yier has made great efforts in the design of the equipment. First of all, as a non-calibration equipment, from structure design to function, precision and so on have more suitable for enterprise requirements, not mass production of the assembly;. However, the director of the Yier Project said that no amount of effort is worth it. We hope that this cooperation will be recognized by our clients. This will be the best opportunity for us to enter Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia, the fifth country after Singapore market, having a successful experience in a market, will be the greatest wealth.
 (source: billion AOI testing equipment)

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