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AOI testing equipment SMT industry status analysis

Everyone in the SMT industry knows that AOI inspection equipment is an optical inspection instrument, which usually has the same size and weight as other equipment in the industry. If the AOI inspection equipment is placed in the workshop with other SMT equipment, the AOI inspection equipment will not look special visually. Readers must have found that if this continues to be stated, the next step should be AOI testing equipment, like real SMT industry equipment, which is inevitably sad.

The fact is also true, AOI testing equipment as the appearance process quality testing equipment born to the needs of the SMT industry, from some SMT companies, optional. When is there and when is there not? Under the analysis, I think there are the following situations:

1, the customer's quality requirements are not high, can not; On the contrary, even if it is not used, a decorative quality should be placed;

2, PCB components 0402 size or above, can not; Generally, manual detection below 0402 is very difficult, and AOI testing equipment is needed to improve efficiency;

3, the efficiency requirements are not high, can not; On the contrary, enterprises that want one person to replace the work of three people to improve efficiency, AOI testing equipment will be the best choice;

4, small-scale development, can not; The small-scale state, the amount is small, the products that need to be tested are also small, and the purchase of AOI testing equipment is overqualified;

5, non-intelligent semi-automatic operation, can not; Here mainly refers to large and medium-sized SMT enterprises, because such enterprises have large orders, more products need to be tested, and the quality requirements are high, and manual testing has been far from meeting the requirements in terms of efficiency and effect. Coupled with the continuous intelligence of SMT equipment, unmanned factories have become the future trend, and AOI testing equipment is the guarantee of the quality of products produced by unmanned factories.

AOI test equipment King-E810


To sum up, the SMT industry has a development process, respectively, artificial - mechanized - semi-intelligent - intelligent - unmanned, at present, in the semi-intelligent and intelligent range, the use of AOI testing equipment in the industry is also in a state of half, not fully popular, so in some small and medium-sized enterprises, the purchase of AOI is not necessary. This is a very realistic current state, but also reflects the fact that the status of AOI testing equipment is not high.

In the long run, 10 or 20 years, AOI testing equipment will become an essential tool with the intelligence of the SMT industry, just like reflow welding, wave soldering in general, no AOI testing equipment will not be able to start operation, the development of AOI industry will also change from the off-line equipment to the linear equipment. At that time, the industry position of AOI inspection equipment will be significantly improved.

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