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 ●360 degree no dead angle compatible with SMT assembly line;
 ●Detection accuracy, controllable detection speed;

 ●It can be used in multiple positions such as after printing, in front of the furnace, and behind the furnace, with one machine for multiple purposes;

E2 AOI equipment non-standard customized parameters:
visual identification systemJudgment methodComparison and discrimination in multiple ways
Video cameraCCD color camera selection
light sourceRGB four-color ring LED unique light source
The image
processing speed
0201 ChipAssociated influence
Processing time per screenAssociated influence
Test contentSolder paste printingExistence, deflection, less tin, more tin, open circuit, pollution
Part defectMissing parts, offset, skew, tombstones, side standing, overturned parts, reverse polarity, wrong parts, damaged
Solder joint defectMore tin, little tin, even tin
Anti-static measuresAnti-static socket, anti-static ring, etc.
computer systemPCB sizeCustomize different sizes as required
PCB thicknessCustomize different thicknesses as required
PCB warpageAssociated influence
Part heightDesign influence
Smallest partAssociated influence
X, Y platformDrive equipmentServo selection
Precise positioningAssociated influence
Moving speedAssociated influence
Software systemoperating systemSupport Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003
Windows XP pre-installed
Identification control systemFeaturesStatistical shape modeling, learn OK samples, automatically create standard images, identify data and error thresholds
softwareAppearance, function, etc. can be customized
MarkPointsSet according to software customization requirements
Recognition speedAssociated influence
Control SystemIndustrial PCCan be configured as required
showChoose according to the size of the machine
Other parametersMechanical dimensionsScientific design according to PCB size requirements
weightAssociated influence
power supplyAC220V/-10%, 50/60Hz, 600W
RemarkThe above is the standard configuration, each parameter can be customized according to the customer

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