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How AOI equipment manufacturers ensure after-sales

After- sales service has always been a pain point for AOI equipment manufacturers, and after-sales service is a common problem in the industry. Some customers think that making the AOI equipment strong and improving the quality will save the after-sales work? It is necessary to explain here that, as a moving machine, the quality of AOI equipment is well controlled by the quality of materials, components, processes, circuit media and components used, and the quality of AOI equipment meets the standard. Although there is no uniform standard, it can be affirmed It is said that if there is a quality problem, after-sales is quite difficult, so usually manufacturers do not dare to neglect the quality of AOI equipment.
Where does the after-sales work of AOI equipment come from?



1. Training
The training is mainly for the operators of the AOI equipment of the customer's manufacturer. The operators are not professional technicians, they do not know much about machinery, and they lack understanding of computer software. Therefore, training often takes a lot of time. A good grasp of the flow of operators leads to the loss of training results and the need to re-intervene for training. This is a headache for AOI manufacturers, so some manufacturers have upgraded and simplified the analysis and detection system, so that the operation interface is simple and the operation process is simple, so that operators of various cultural levels can easily adapt and learn AOI programming. AOI manufacturers are studying the problem, and Shenzhen Yier Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., as a pioneer, has completed the initial system upgrade in mid-2015, and operators will be more familiar with and operate the Yier AOI detection system.
2. Line aging
Usually the problem of line aging mostly occurs in the second year of the service period (most of the service in the industry is one year, and the service period of Yier AOI equipment is three years). In addition, the vibration and drag of the machine during operation lead to the aging of the circuit. In fact, as long as the AOI detector is in a dry environment, the aging of the circuit can be reduced by at least half, which is self-evident.
        Regarding the problem of line aging, many old customers have given feedback and asked us why we do not use high-quality cables. In fact, we are using high-quality cables. We dare not talk about it for a long time, and dare not talk about it on a large scale, at least in this industry. , the highest quality cables for AOI equipment . For this reason, we also have to complain, but at the same time understand. Science and technology are progressing together, so if the cable industry does not progress, our AOI detector industry, including all cable-related industries, will be affected, and the AOI industry may not be responsible.
Not being responsible to other industries does not mean that we can be irresponsible to customers. We have made a lot of efforts in the after-sales of aging lines and thought of many solutions. However, as a machine, AOI equipment cannot fundamentally solve the aging problem if it only improves the quality of the lines. In the past, we used the method of bundling to collect the routes, which can reduce the clutter of the routes. This is the original method and a relatively primitive method. ; Later, the plastic hose sets we used were bundled, and the effect was slightly better, but there were many inconveniences during mechanical movement. After the plastic pipes were worn, it was more difficult to replace the plastic pipes or replace the circuit.
Later, we used the tank chain. The tank chain, as the name suggests, is a chain like a tank chain. The circuit can be stuck in it. It is easy to disassemble and replace, and the mechanical movement is not affected by each other.
Having said so much, we just want to explain that we do not allow the AOI automatic optical detector to age, we have made a lot of efforts, and are constantly developing, upgrading, and perfecting our AOI optical detector, so that the equipment can be avoided. Aging failure and affecting customer use can also reduce our after-sales pressure.
(Note: This chapter is mainly answered by the person in charge of Shenzhen Yier Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.)

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