• E2 AOI  KING-E600


  • ID:E2 AOI KING-E600
  • Time:2021-12-01
  • Description:E2 AOI inspection equipment KING-E600 system category Xiang detailed project specifications and remarks Visual recognition system discrimination method picture comparison, color image comparison / contour comparison / binarization reference comparison (simple operation and programming)

E2 AOI testing equipment KING-E600




visual identification system

Judgment method

Picture comparison color image comparison contour comparison binarization reference comparison (simple operation and programming)

Video camera

Imported color industrial CCD camera ,  resolution: 10 microns dot , 5 million pixels

light source

RGB,  ring structure light source, imported ROHS standard LED light

Image processing speed

0402 CHIP

<6ms ( i.e., the actual 1000 elements of less than 20 is second 2000 elements 25 or so seconds ) (300 th = 8-10 sec )

Processing time per screen

<100ms ( 50mm*50mm for each lens , 30*30),  that is, each PCB such as 500mm*500mm can be tested in only 15 seconds )

Test content

Solder paste printing

Missing printing, skewing, continuous tin, less tin, more tin, open circuit, pollution

Part defect

Missing parts, offset, skew, tombstones, side standing, overturned parts, reverse polarity, wrong parts, damaged

Solder joint defect

Too much tin, little tin, continuous tin, virtual solder

Anti-static measures

Anti-static socket

computer system

PCB size

Min: 25mm×25mm  Max 500mm×600mm

(Larger specifications can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers)

PCB thickness


PCB warpage

<2mm (with fixture to assist in correcting deformation) special requirements can be customized )

Part height

0.5mm-25mm ( special requirements can be customized )

Smallest part

The smallest component can be measured 0201


Drive equipment

High-precision screw Taiwan HIWIN on the bank , and imported Mitsubishi servo motor motor system

Precise positioning

<25 um (0.025mm)

Screw: C5 level accuracy

Moving speed

700mm/S (MAX)

Software system

operating system

Pre-installation: Microsoft Win7

Identification control system


Statistical shape modeling, learn OK samples, automatically create standard images for points, lines, surfaces and volumes, identify data and error thresholds


Graphical programming, self-contained component library, automatic generation of detection frame according to component shape selection criteria precise automatic positioning, micrometer fine adjustment, fast manufacturing process

Program time: 500 components online half an hour,

Offline programming: send offline programming software



commonly used Mark points can be selected imposition multi- Mark function

Recognition speed


Barcode QR code reading


Read the barcode QR code on the PCB through the device's camera , and link it with the maintenance workstation. Optional )

Control System

Computer host

Industrial control computer, Intel dual-core CPU 3G  DDR3 2G HDD 500G hard drive (or solid state drive),


22 -inch branded LED widescreen display

Other parameters

Mechanical dimensions (L*W*H)

1300mm * 1100mm * 1320mm


About 500 kg

power supply

AC 220 V ± 10% , frequency 50 / 60Hz , the rated power of 600W
(the UPS 
uninterruptible power supply  optional )

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