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  • ID:King-E9 OFF-LINE
  • Time:2021-12-01
  • Description:Features: ●Suitable for AOI inspection of commonly used SMT production lines, minimum inspection of 0201 parts;●Combined application of multiple algorithms, improve product detection straight-through rate, reduce false positive rate;●Can accurately extract inspection


 ●Suitable for AOI inspection of commonly used SMT production lines, minimum inspection of 0201 parts;

 ●The combined application of multiple algorithms improves the straight-through rate of product testing and reduces the rate of misjudgment;
 ●It can accurately extract the detection content with high precision;
 ●Modular hardware and software design, more flexible and convenient to use;
 ●Intelligent high-definition digital CCD camera, stable and reliable image quality.

E2 King-E9 offline configuration parameters
visual identification systemJudgment methodColor image contrast
Video cameraCCD color camera, resolution: 12 microns/dot,
light sourceRGB ring LED structure light source
The image
processing speed
0402 Chip<9ms
Processing time per screen<150ms
Test contentSolder paste printingMissing printing, skewing, continuous tin, less tin, more tin, open circuit, pollution
Part defectMissing parts, offset, skew, tombstones, side standing, overturned parts, reverse polarity, wrong parts, damaged
Solder joint defectToo much tin, little tin, continuous tin, virtual solder
Anti-static measuresAnti-static socket, anti-static ring
computer systemPCB sizeMin: 25mm×25mm, Max: 380mm×480mm
(larger specifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements)
PCB thickness0.5mm~2.5mm
PCB warpage<2mm (with fixture to assist in correcting deformation)
Part height<30mm
Smallest part0201Chip
X, Y platformDrive equipmentAC servo motor system
Precise positioning<25 um (0.025mm)
Moving speed700mm/s
Software systemoperating systemSupport Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003
Windows XP pre-installed
Identification control
FeaturesStatistical shape modeling, learn OK samples, automatically create standard images, identify data and error thresholds
operateGraphical programming, self-contained component library, automatic generation of detection frame according to component shape selection criteria, precise automatic positioning, micro-position fine-tuning, fast manufacturing process
MarkPoints0~2 commonly used Mark points can be selected
Recognition speed0.5s/pcs
Control SystemIndustrial PCE5500 3.0G, DDR 2G, HDD 250G
show19-inch LED widescreen display
Other parametersMechanical dimensions (L*W*H)860mm * 960mm * 1560mm
power supplyAC220V/-10%, 50/60Hz, 600W
RemarkThe above is the standard configuration, each parameter can be customized according to the customer

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